Friday, 28 May 2010


Rest - calves sore

The last 9 – 5 day for me and it was possibly the best. I didn’t set an alarm and was quite prepared to roll in late. I woke up at 0744 so there was just enough time to grab some stuff, chuck it in a bag and get out of the door. I made the usual train but looked as presentable as Ander Russell on a good day; I had one eye half-closed and horns of sticky-out hair. Deak was just getting onto the train as I arrived and I said ‘don’t try it Deakin, I know I look a twat.’ We had a 10 minute conversation about the state of today’s youth and then went our separate ways. I got a hot chocolate and a teacake at the ground before flattening down my tufts and washing my face. I was then in a meeting with some real big shots so it was a good thing I was presentable. It wasn’t as boring as it sounds as it was the steering group for the Yorkshire Cricket Mela; something I’ve been pretty involved in. A press pack was handed out and there was my introduction included so I was proud as punch; the fact the ‘author’ was Yorkshire CCC didn’t bother me one jot... one of the guys at the table was the owner of the Shababs Curry House in Leeds and a man me and Ziffy have had a few run ins with over table reservations! He didn’t recognise me and was nice of pie if I’m honest! It was suggested someone should put together an article on the benefits for the local economy. I happened to be halfway through such a publication but waited until after the meeting to casually tell Stewart (Regan – CEO of the club and the man who got me this placement). I cracked on with this article in the afternoon and it was 5pm in no time. My calves were still sore walking home so I decided to miss my easy 30 mins with the aim of being ok tomorrow morning! I made dinner for me and my Dad when I got home (my Mum was out for the evening) and then we went for a father & son cinema trip to see ‘Robin Hood’. It was an enjoyable watch but nothing special; I didn’t leave the theatre marvelling at how wonderful it was if you know what I mean. I organised all my stuff fir going back to Brum when we got back and was in bed for about midnight. Last and by no means least, it was my old friend and current captain Craig 'Gunny Bear/Gundo/No Fundo' Gundersen's 21st birthday today. What a great guy he is and I honestly mean that from the bottom of my heart. I do not think anyone in the world will have come across Gundo and thought anything other than 'what a lovely guy'. I have always used him as a great judge of character; i.e. if Gundo doesn't like them then they must be a twat. He has made me feel so welcome at Birmingham University since day 1 and as a friend for about 7 years he has never done anything other than this. A great captain and a great friend, not to mention a fantastic return to form with 8.19 at the most recent Watford after a winter riddled with injury. I think I speak for everyone in wishing him a great birthday weekend and even more importantly a great 2 years in Indiana at Butler University although it really will not be the same in Brum without him; I am only just realising the act I have to follow as captain.

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